Alicia Vikander wants to turn her Academy Award into a toilet brush.

The 29-year-old Swedish beauty won the coveted award for her performance in the 2015 drama 'The Danish Girl', and after hearing that the likes of Kate Winslet keeps her Academy Award in the bathroom, Alicia wants to take things further and attach it to a toilet brush.

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' on Wednesday (14.03.18), Alicia joked: ''It's good to make it useful. Then I heard, I think it was Kate Winslet, that she has hers in her loo so that people can have their own private time with Oscar. But then I thought you can take it that one step further because the bottom of the actual trophy is like the top of a toilet brush. So I thought, you could, if it's there, people could actually use it. Then it's definitely useful.''

The 'Tomb Raider' star - who is married to Michael Fassbender - also revealed she actually hasn't physically seen her award for two years since the night of the ceremony, because she has been ''living out of suitcase''.

When asked if her mother has the award back in Sweden, Alicia said: ''No, but I actually should have taken it back to Sweden for her to take care of.

''But actually a lot of people have been asking me, but it's been two years I've been living in a suitcase and my friend's daughter takes care of him since the evening.''

The chat show host then asked her if she has seen the coveted prize since the evening of the ceremony, and Alicia admitted she gets regular updates through photos sent to her iPhone.

She said: ''No, I only get updates by photos on my iPhone. It's kinda sweet because she puts it in a nice spot like, 'Here he is sleeping'.

''And she takes a photo and sends it to me.''