Alicia Vikander has ''always wanted'' to have children.

The 'Light Between Oceans' star - who is dating Michael Fassbender - would love to start a family one day.

She told the September issue of ELLE magazine: ''I don't even have children, and it's the wonder of my world. I've always wanted kids. I've never been pregnant, but I hope to have a family one day.

''It's both the expectation and knowing that it should be the greatest experience of my life - and suddenly from one day to another, it's a reality; it's a new chapter of your life.''

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty previously revealed romance is more important to her than marriage.

She said: ''My parents were divorced when I was three months old and my father is happily married to his fourth wife, so marriage as an idea has never meant that much.

''For me, the word family means everything, that's the true connection. And I think it's better to come up with your own romantic ideas because that's what will give you wonderful memories.''

Michael and Alicia recently moved in together after three years together.

A source said of the move recently: ''Michael and Alicia have moved in together officially after she had to spend so much time in the UK filming the new 'Tomb Raider' movie.

''He'd never properly lived with a girlfriend before but they are seriously loved up. They have a lot of places they call home but this is the only place that is officially both of theirs and they are thrilled.''

The couple prefer to keep their romance out of the public eye but Alicia did admit she found it ''easy'' to fall in love with the Hollywood star.

She said: ''I think we've made a clear statement that we keep certain things just between us. It was very easy to unite, but that's quite personal.''