Alicia Vikander has finally been ''reunited'' with her Oscar.

The 29-year-old actress picked up the Best Supporting Actress accolade for her role in 'The Danish Girl' in 2016 but gave the statuette to a friend's daughter for safekeeping as it was too heavy to travel with.

However, now Alicia - who is married to Michael Fassbender - is more settled, she taken back the trophy so she can display it in her home.

She told OK! magazine: ''We're reunited now after a long-distance relationship!

''Because I was working so much, I envisioned it getting lost with all the travel and it's also really heavy - there's no way I could drag it around.

''So I thought it was a safer option to leave it with my friend's daughter, who I knew would be so careful and caring of him.

''She was always sending me updates, lots of FaceTime too, letting me know he was OK.''

However, Alicia is still unsure where she should put the statuette in her house.

She admitted: ''I still haven't decided where he's going to go. He's eye-catching, so you need the right spot.''

The 'Tomb Raider' actress is very private and prefers to stay off social media - plus she gets ''bored'' with having to maintain an account.

She said: ''I stay in touch with my friends and family so I fail to see the need [for social media]. I did have Facebook, which I used for a while, but my interest waned.

''And I did have Instagram but I didn't like the idea of posting pictures every day.

''There's a pressure there to post good ones and I lost interest. And I like keeping things to myself.''