Alicia Vikander ''freaked out'' about the pressure to post to Instagram.

The 'Tomb Raider' star has sworn herself off the social media site and quickly got rid of her account when she thought it was too much commitment.

She told WIRED: ''I did have Instagram. I already freaked out about a month in, like a [pressure] that I had to post things. So, no, I don't have an Instagram account anymore.''

Whilst the 29-year-old actress isn't a fan of the photo sharing site, there is one thing on the internet she loves - Google - and her friends have come up with a funny nickname to mark her love for the site.

She shared: ''My friends call me Mrs Google. I'm really good at Googling answers on anything, and I'm very good at planning travels.''

Meanwhile, Alicia's life has been non stop since she rose to fame for her roles in 'The Danish Girl' and 'The Light Between The Oceans'.

She said: ''I went straight back to the 'Bourne' set and I haven't been home for eight or nine months. It's still a bit of a blur ... I used to watch the Oscars with my mom on our couch at 2 a.m. [when it aired live] in Gothenburg. Then I got to walk the red carpet hand in hand with my mom, cursing in Swedish - 'What the f**k.' ...

''It's being out of touch with my friends and family for long periods of time. It's almost impossible to plan getting together because you never know exactly where you're going to be because new projects are constantly popping up and you're often shooting in different parts of the world. I've basically spent four or five years living out of three suitcases and going from one hotel to another.''