Alicia Vikander finds it ''hard'' making independent films.

The 28-year-old actress stars and helped to produce the upcoming movie 'Euphoria', with the backing of her eponymous production company Vikarious Productions, and though the star was ''so excited'' to work with director Lisa Langseth on the creative side of the production she found the movie making process difficult as the pair spent one year preparing for the project.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about her latest venture, the brunette beauty said: ''Lisa and I sat down at a lovely lunch to catch up, and I had already for two or three years about maybe starting a production company one day with my business partner [Charles Collier]. I wanted to be part of the process as early as possible. Lisa mentioned that she was working on this story, and I really, really wanted to work with her again.

''We were both extremely excited to start because it was a year of a lot of [prep] work, a lot of late, late nights and phone calls. Suddenly, we were on set and we're able to work together again after a beautiful seven-year pause. We've both gathered a lot more experience and have even more to work with, because as a filmmaker or an actor, our tools are really our experiences.

''I was part of putting the team together and finding the finance, and we worked again with B-Reel Films. [We] found a way of finding both European funding and private equities to get our budgets, and worked together to finding everything from the set to the crew to the actors, and support Lisa as much as we could with her work leading up to starting filming.

''As with this film, it's hard to make independent films. A lot of things need to come together, and I've only opened this box.''

Although the 'The light Between Two Oceans' star is aware of the difficulties in film making she is keen to create more movies, and is ''working hard'' and reading more texts to find her next calling.

Speaking about her future in the entertainment industry, Alicia said: ''But I feel like I want to do more. I'm humbled to do what it takes to put one of these films together. I'm reading a lot, and working hard to find our next story.''

Alicia has praised the 42-year-old creative mastermind - who she has worked with on 'Hotell' and 'Pure' - for taking ''a chance'' on her and for inspiring her to explore the production aspect of filmmaking.

She said: ''Lisa was my first director who, in one way, took a chance on me, so even though there's a fear of stepping into something new, it was always filled with so much passion about the story.

''I was 20 when I first met Lisa, and I looked up to her a lot. She was this headstrong woman who has read tons of books and had so many ideas and so much to say. That set a tone for the kind of woman that I want to continue to grow up to be.''