Alicia Vikander is ''excited'' about the changes on the horizon in Hollywood.

The 'Tomb Raider' star thinks it is an ''interesting time'' in the movie industry now in regards to the roles women are being given and she is thrilled to see the changes taking place.

She told Marie Claire magazine: ''I think it's an interesting time now, because, sadly even if there are some stories being highlighted with female leads, it's still - you know, I did five films in a row where I was the lead, and I didn't have another woman to work with. It was still just men in it, even though they had a female lead. So being an actress wanting to work with women? It's an exciting time now, because I think the awareness will bring a change.''

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old actress previously revealed how she thinks society's outlook on women has ''really progressed''.

She explained: ''I think that's really about the times that we're in and that society has changed. To be honest with me, with Angelina Jolie's films that meant a lot to me. I hadn't really seen a lot of female action star leading a film like that up on the screen, sadly that was how rare it was for us growing up ... Nowadays, you don't want one-dimensional female characters, you really want depth and you want to get to know them; you want to be on their journey. I also think that [if] you ask, both young women and men, what they find maybe, aspiring, cool, attractive, even sexy, you would get a very different answer nowadays, which is just cool because it shows we've really progressed.''