Alicia Silverstone was stripped of a typical teenage lifestyle after the global success of CLUELESS, because everyone was convinced she was as worldly as her know-it-all character.

The sexy actress launched to prominence in 1993's THE CRUSH, and immediately garnered a predominantly red-blooded male following - at the tender age of 15.

Her childhood was further complicated when she hit big screens as Cher HOROWITZ in 1995's Clueless, because the media began portraying her as an expert on sex and fashion - just like her fictional film incarnation.

Silverstone says, "After my first movie The Crush, everyone was saying how sexy I seemed! But I was just 15 for goodness sake! When I look back at that film, I don't know where any of it came from.

"But the image (of Cher) stuck and, for some reason, everyone thought I knew exactly what I was doing when it came to clothes and having a great sex life. It was ridiculous because I knew so little.

"I kidded myself that I did for a time, of course, because that's how you deal with it. I started taking things very seriously."

27/04/2005 17:29