R+B beauty Alicia Keys was so moved by Jamie Foxx's OSCAR-winning portrayal of Ray Charles in biopic RAY, she left the cinema in floods of tears.

The FALLIN' singer found the depiction of the GEORGIA IS ON MY MIND singer's battle with heroin addiction an overwhelming experience.

The 24-year-old says, "At the end (of the film) I was crying, and I was like, 'Why am I so sad?'

"I realised what made me sad was that this man, who I admire and love, was such a genius and so blessed, yet he sunk so deeply into this world of drugs.

"Why do we (artists) always have to be the ones who are so messed up and end up just wanting to self-destruct? If you're not drunk and a drug addict and bulimic and suicidal and depressed... That made me sad - that that's the only way we can be creative."

16/03/2005 09:28