R+B singer Alicia Keys refuses to talk about her reported new boyfriend KRUCIAL - but has spoken about her love of older men in a new interview.

The star, 22, has reportedly started a relationship with the 34-year-old record producer - real name KERRY BROTHERS - and told America's EBONY magazine why she much prefers the charms of a more mature man.

She says, "I have a special person in my life - and it's my secret.

"I tend to like a man who's a little bit older than I am. I just feel that we can relate better. I like somebody who is ambitious, who is very strong-minded, but still sensitive, and I like somebody who knows how to talk and how to listen.

"I like somebody who has an aura, like a special aura that definitely has some confidence in there.

"And (I like a man) who has a close relationship with his mother and who treats women well."

19/01/2004 17:41