Alicia Keys has voiced her support for Madonna's attempt to adopt Malawian DAVID BANDA - and believes celebrities have a important part to play in the fight against poverty. The FALLIN' star, who hosts her annual Black Ball charity gig in New York on Thursday (09NOV06), was disappointed by the backlash Madonna received following her decision to adopt the 13-month-old last month (OCT06). She says, "I think (it's) horrible, and I think (it) really degrades and tries to discourage people who do have a voice, who do have power, who do have money, who do have the ability to reach out to people and get involved in situations. "I do think that it has become more on people's radars, whereas before it kind of came across as, 'Oh, it's so far away.' It's really positive to know that it is a global community. "That's why when I speak and I use my voice, I like to emphasize the way that everyday people like you and me can really be a huge hero." The Black Ball, which raises money for HIV and AIDS sufferers, will feature performances by Keys, David Bowie and DAMIAN MARLEY.