Singer/songwriter Alicia Keys may be a multi-millionairess - but she still does her own laundry.

The A WOMAN'S WORTH hitmaker is determined to lead as close to normal a life as possible, despite her jet-setting and hectic career.

Keys tells website, "Yeah, I've won nine Grammys, but I know what it's like to live here and have nothing.

"My mother struggled bringing me up. We lived in this tiny, tiny apartment. My first 16 years of life I didn't even have a bedroom.

"But when I come home off that tour I'm like everybody else. Tomorrow I look forward to doing my laundry.

"Yeah. I do my own laundry. I like doing things that make me feel normal. I'll do some movies, check any zit I might have gotten on my face, do laundry and go for a walk without make-up.

"One person, staring at me walking on the street, said to her friend, 'Look at that girl trying to look like Alicia Keys.'"

28/06/2005 08:59