Soul star Alicia Keys has slammed reports she's embroiled in a bitter feud with R+B beauty BEYONCE KNOWLES - insisting the two singers are old friends.

The FALLIN' hitmaker is currently performing across America with the Destiny's Child babe and rap maestro Missy Elliott on their LADIES FIRST tour.

But Keys says she wasn't shocked when the press created stories about the two singers feuding, because she believes the media thinks it is impossible for famous females to get along.

Keys explains, "I knew that was gonna happen just because it's two women and whenever there's two women involved in anything people automatically say they have problems with each other - but we do not have problems with each other, we never have problems with each other.

"I think there was always like a healthy, competitive competition just on the road in the sense of both wanting to put the best foot forward, so it's not necessarily about competition against each other, it's about competition to inspire ourselves and do our best shows."

13/05/2004 17:02