Alicia Keys is hoping to revive MTV's UNPLUGGED show by recording a special acoustic concert for the cable network.

The show, which featured classic low-key concerts from the likes of ERIC CLAPTON, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Mariah Carey, will return in September (05) and Keys has taped the first installment.

The thrilled FALLIN' singer opened her New York concert by telling fans, "As a child, in my wildest dreams - and I dreamed so big - but you never think it's going to happen.

"So to be here, on the set that we're going to record Unplugged on, it's amazing and beautiful and everything I've ever dreamed of."

Keys is using the show to collaborate with a few famous friends - she duets with MAROON 5's Adam Levine on a cover of the ROLLING STONES' WILD HORSES and teams up with Common and Mos Def for LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT ALONE.

The R+B star will also perform one new track she wrote with soul great AL GREEN.

20/07/2005 09:25