GRAMMY-winner Alicia Keys believes she's finally put gay rumours to rest after adopting a more "girlie" style.

The FALLIN' singer's sexuality was a constant source of speculation when she grabbed public attention in 2001, and she accepts her original style was responsible.

The 24-year-old says, "The whole gay thing was like, forever! I was like, 'Please, give me a break with the gay thing!'

"The tabloids started that rumour early on in my career. I was much less refined at that time, I guess. Not to say that I'm totally refined now, but the way I spoke was a little different and the way that I dressed. I've never been a super-girlie kind of girl, and they wanted to make up something."

Of her current style, she adds, "I guess I can be very girlie. I really notice that a lot lately. I am just evolving and not being afraid to try new things for myself... I think it's good to try things out and feel yourself in different places."

16/03/2005 09:28