Alicia Keys is being urged to stop promoting gold sourced from Africa, because of the industry's questionable human rights record in the continent.

The R+B star is an active campaigner for human rights and appeared at the LIVE 8 concert in Philadelphia in July (05).

But she appeared in advertisements for the World Gold Council this summer (05) - an organisation campaigners claim exploits poor communities in areas rich with gold.

KEITH SLACK, senior policy advisor at Oxfam America, says, "Alicia Keys' fans are well aware of her commitment to bettering the lives of Africa's poorest people. But, gold, as it is currently produced, comes at the expense of poor communities who risk being displaced or losing their only source of clean drinking water because of dirty mining practices."

A spokesperson for the No Dirty Gold campaign - which has sent a 2,500-signature petition to the singer - adds, "Keys has publicly stated she shies away from diamonds that are linked to conflict in Africa, and we applaud this.

"Here's a chance for her to take a stand on dirty gold mining."