R+B sensation Alicia Keys is keen to collaborate with rockers including Queens Of The Stone Age, because she wants her new album to have an "edgier" sound.

The FALLIN' hitmaker is famed for her romantic ballads, but insists she is ready to try something different.

She says, "I definitely see the album being a little bit edgier.

"I feel like it's going to have a lot of political elements to it as well and be a bit more guitar-driven. The sound is definitely going to be different, but obviously the heart and soul of it is always going to remain consistent.

"I'd also like to do something that's really out there, with like Queens Of The Stone Age or THE White Stripes, something just strange as hell, unexpected and interesting.

"I always like to collaborate with one or two special folks that just take it to a new place. I have a lot of strange ideas and brainstorms."