R+B star Alicia Keys has been branded a diva after storming off midway through a photoshoot for a new American magazine.

Bosses at new publication Suede were forced to use old snaps of the star after she left the shoot before they'd finished with her.

A source tells American gossip site THE SCOOP, "She showed up with her mother, who was also pretty demanding, and they were very high-handed and found everything unacceptable. The poor photographer only got a couple of shots before they stormed off the set saying they have more important things to do. Suede has a long story about her inside, but they had to use a stock shot for the cover."

A source for Keys, however, insists she left after a bust up with the shoot stylists, telling the site, "Alicia didn't have a problem with the photographer, but she did have an issue with the hair and makeup people. Alicia is very reasonable and low-key, but she's also a professional and knows how these things are done and maybe Suede, because it's so new, doesn't. If they think Alicia Keys is difficult, wait until they have to deal with Janet Jackson."

Meanwhile, representatives for both Keys and Suede have denied the row, with a magazine spokesperson insisting "we enjoyed every minute of the shoot".

31/08/2004 17:10