Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani will treat fans at this week's Brit Awards (17FEB04) by podium dancing in millions of pounds (dollars) worth of diamonds.

The singers will perform a duet to Prince's classic hit Kiss, with MISSY ELLIOT rapping - but YOU DON'T KNOW MY NAME Keys refuses to perform an accompanying raunchy dance.

A source says, "She (Alicia) never does anything raunchy on stage, so straddling a chair is already quite out there for her.

"But she's made it clear she won't be displaying her legs at the Brits.

"There's nothing wrong with them, but she's already taken a lot of convincing that she should do a sexy dance instead of sit behind the piano and felt she'd given enough."

Music legend Prince has given his blessing to the performance.

A source adds, "Prince has okayed the song and the girls have spent a week rehearsing their routine.

"They've got several companies vying with each other to supply them with diamonds for the night.

"It's going to be a really sexy performance."

18/02/2004 17:11