Pop star Alicia Keys' manager is furious that news of her collaboration with New York MC giants Nas and Rakim has been leaked - but he insists it's the ultimate rap pairing.

Keys has remained very secretive about the track on her album, but the song, STREETS OF NY, has made its way onto mixtapes and the radio, and it's now common knowledge who the rappers are.

Her manager JEFF ROBINSON insists the collaboration was supposed to stay unknown until the release of her album in November (03), but he's still delighted they managed to recruit the two artists for the longplayer.

He says, "Somebody leaked that record out. Now that it's out, we're supporting it, but it's not her single. It was a collective wish list.

"We were like, 'It would be dope if we could get Nas to come back on this record.' And at the time we were talking to Rakim's people. Then we were like, 'What if we put both of them together? The God and God's Son.'

"That's never been done before. If you gonna go New York, these are the two guys to do a New York anthem. I feel Rakim took it back. He got a burst of energy from 1989 or whatever."

25/08/2003 17:02