Alicia Keys hopes to recreate her favourite Mary J Blige video with rapper Method Man.

Keys loves Mary J Blige's I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU promo, which featured Method Man, and now she wants to recreate the vibe of the video on her new single IF I AIN'T GOT YOU.

Keys has even signed up DIANE MARTEL - who directed Mariah Carey's DREAMLOVER promo - to direct the promo, and Keys' manager JEFF ROBINSON urges fans to have tissues handy when they watch the video because it's "a tearjerker".

He says, "People are going to be surprised. There's a lot of acting going on. Usually when we do a video, we try to keep it real life rather than all that fluffy stuff - stuff people can identify with.

"I think you'll see in this video she can really act. You'll see a more tender side, you'll see that in Method also. He's kinda tender, he loves his girl and all he understands is the streets."

09/02/2004 09:45