Alicia Keys has publicly applauded old pal Beyonce Knowles for her Golden Globe Best Actress nomination - because she feels the singer/actress could herald a new era of "triple-threat" stars. Keys, who is embarking on her own movie career, admits she grew up idolising stars who had singing, theatrical and movie careers. She says, "I can't wait to see Beyonce in DREAMGIRLS. From the beginning of time, many of the great artists were always triple threats. They all acted, sang and danced, they did it all. "I think, going back in that direction now, and to be able to encompass so many styles, and do it with so much class, is fantastic. "I've known Beyonce for a while. We did meet each other when we were on Columbia (record label), where they did retreats and they would show the different artists who were coming out. "We got a chance to hang out then. I think we feel the same way about being able to express ourselves. She's a great lady."