R+B sensation Alicia Keys is planning to reveal her teenage musings about romance in her second book.

The FALLIN' singer is planning to trawl back through the journals she has been keeping since she was a kid so she can share a few of her thoughts with her young fans.

She reveals, "It's interesting to read a person's thoughts.

"I remember one of the entries is about when my older friend told me about all of the bases - first base, second base, sloppy seconds, sloppy thirds and so on.

"The sloppies are the worst version... If first base is a kiss, sloppy first is a tongue kiss.

"I break it all down into sections and by the end, I'm like, 'I hope I find a boy who wants me because I'm nice, not just because he wants me to do sloppy seconds.'"

Keys' first book of musings and poetry, TEARS FOR WATER, will be released in November (04).

16/09/2004 08:45