R+B superstar Alicia Keys is desperate to team up with rockers THE White Stripes and begged bandmembers JACK and Meg White to perform on her new album. Keys - who claims The White Stripes' new album Icky Thump is her favourite this year - reveals the trio are planning a collaboration soon. She says, "I'm dying to work with them. Me and The White Stripes are going to do something crazy. We tried to work something out for this record, but the timing got a little crazy and it didn't come off. I know we can do something next time around." The Fallin' hitmaker hints at move in a new musical direction by revealing her dream to team up with another rock group: "I'm dying to work with Queens Of The Stone Age too. Both bands have a very simple approach to music, but it has a soul to it that I totally get. If we did something together, it would be incredible."