Alicia Keys thinks people are stuck in a ''trap'' surrounding their appearance.

The 36-year-old singer, who is an advocate of wearing no make-up, thinks a lot of people ''worry'' about others perception of them and will apply cosmetic products to boost their confidence, which means they ''forget'' to think about themselves and their own happiness.

Speaking to Elle Brazil, the brunette beauty - who launched her #nomakeup campaign in 2016 - said: ''It can seem silly, but I think that many of us are caught in this trap. We worry about what the others are thinking about us, and we forget to think by ourselves. Actually, this is not only about using make-up or not.''

And the 'Fallin' hitmaker has encouraged the public and her fans to feel ''comfortable'' in their skin to enjoy their life.

She continued: ''It is more about living, being as you feel really comfortable and exploring all of it.''

Meanwhile, the New York-born vocalist is set to perform at Rock in Rio for the second time this month, and the star cannot wait to return to the stage because she loves the ''celebration energy'' there.

She explained: ''Brazil is a country with plenty of soul, electricity, vibe and culture. When I go back there again, I think it will be the same, the same kind of love and celebration energy.''

And Alicia - who has six-year-old son Egypt, and two-year-old Genesis with her husband Swizz Beatz - thinks the country ''really know how to express their feelings'' and are comfortable in being open with their beliefs.

She added: ''That's what I feel about the country, one of the places I saw in the world where the people really know how to express their feelings.''