The drummer will chat to musicians in places that mean the most to them in music and travel series Landmarks Live in Concert, which premieres in America on Friday night (20Jan17) with Keys as his first guest.

Alicia took Chad to New York City and credited the city for providing her "with a lot of open mindedness as an artist and as a musician and as a writer."

"New York gave me a lot of grit, a lot of rough, tough - because it's a fast-paced city," she adds. "Everybody's kind of running somewhere, trying to find themselves, or find where they're going or find love. It's a tough city so you've gotta toughen up."

Keys grew up in the Big Apple as the daughter of a single mother, riding the city's subway from the age of 10.

She went on to record one of the modern anthems to New York, Empire State of Mind, with Jay Z.

"It was kind of one of these magical quilts that each person put their piece onto and all of a sudden it just became this cohesive, gorgeous description of what New York is," she says. "Jay asked me, 'Do you think it's too New York?' I knew what he meant, like, 'Would the rest of the world be able to relate to it, because it was so New York-centric'. But somehow, by the alchemy of music, it ended up being this monster."

Alicia performs a rendition of the song on Landmarks Live in Concert aboard a sightseeing cruise as it sails by the Statue of Liberty.

Upcoming episodes will feature Brad Paisley at West Virginia University and opera star Andrea Bocelli, who will perform at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy.