Alicia Keys can't wait to see Michael Jackson "shining".

The 'No One' singer - who has always cited the late 'Thriller' singer as her musical icon - is excited about being able to see him recaptured on the big screen with 'Michael Jackson's This Is It'.

She told MTV News: "I have to say that I am absolutely a fan of Michael Jackson. He will always be an icon to the world. And I feel like I have always celebrated his genius and his beautiful heart. And I'm excited to see 'This Is It', because I love to see his songs and I love to see him shining."

Despite looking forward to seeing her idol one last time - in the documentary film created from the rehearsal footage from his planned London residency - she is expecting it to be emotional.

She explained: "I think it's going to be a mixture of emotions. I think there is going to be some sadness there, because I think we all felt like we lost him too soon.

"He was obviously celebrated and obviously appreciated. But I wish that in the last, later years, he was even more celebrated and appreciated. But regardless of the fact, there's no denying he's incredible. It will hopefully show his triumph."

'Michael Jackson's This Is It' is released today (28.10.09).