Jermaine Paul was surely always likely to be there or thereabouts when it came to 'The Voice' considering the celebrity singing mates he had, and true to form it was none other than Alicia Keys who was the first to congratulate him after he successfully won the second season of the show.
Paul has spent a long time as one of Keys' backing singers but was keen to break out on his own, hence his entry to the competition, and ultimately proved successful. It was his former employer who the first to congratulate him, he told Jay Leno. "She was screaming with excitement," recounted Paul, going on to add "She told me she's been watching me and supporting me the whole time. She was saying how proud of me she was."
Life has of course already changed dramatically for the 33 year-old married father of four, with a slew of public and promotional appearances now lined up for the next few weeks. "I'm going on maybe an hour of sleep," he admitted, continuing "It's been a non-stop situation, but I'm loving every bit of it. I'm in no way complaining. This is a dream come true," Paul added. "I've been dreaming about a moment like this my whole life."