Alicia Keys ''dreamed'' of working with Reebok as a child.

The 'No One' singer - who has designed her own version of the sports brand's classic 5411 sneakers - loved the collaborative process with Reebok and felt she ''connected'' with the shoe as a teenager.

She said: ''This felt totally perfect. It was everything I dreamed about growing up, and a style of shoe I connected to as a teen. It was another creative outlet.

''When I loved them, they were $54.11. I've been a fan forever, since I was a little girl - that's been my flow, my style.''

Among the designs she has made are a pair with a piano keyboard and a New York skyline.

She added to PEOPLE: ''That's the heart and soul of who I am. I can see people wanting to rock them, love wearing them.

''It all feels really great and speaks to who I am and what I love.''

In addition to the 5411s she has also created versions of the Freestyle Double Bubble, the Classic Nylon Slim and the Princess.