GRAMMY-winning singer Alicia Keys has pushed back the release date of her forthcoming album to 2 December (03) to give herself more time to plan her tour.

The FALLIN' beauty's DIARY OF ALICIA KEYS had originally been scheduled to hit shops on 18 November (03) - the same day Britney Spears' new record was due, until she too delayed it.

Keys says in a statement, "It is very important to me to spend more time on the road playing for my fans. In order to make it to all the cities I wanted to play, we needed to extend the schedule, therefore the release date has changed. I love my album and can't wait to share my music with the people that have been so supportive from the beginning."

The album will feature guest appearances from Missy Elliott, Nas and Rakim.

01/10/2003 09:49