Alicia Keys and Beyonce Knowles will return to their roots when they hit the road in America with Missy Elliott this spring (04) - they sang harmonies together before they became superstars.

The girls are planning to perform together on what's being dubbed 'THE TRIPLE THREAT TOUR', after recalling special moments they spent together before they found fame.

The sexy pair were close pals when they were both teenage wannabes signed to COLUMBIA.

Keys' manager JEFF ROBINSON says, "They've always maintained a friendship since then. You used to see little Alicia walking around with little Destiny's Child.

"Columbia used to take us on retreats, all the groups got to know each other. They would perform and whatever. They've been on the stage together, but this is the first time the public gets to see it. It's kinda like a reuniting of youngsters."

08/02/2004 21:06