R+B beauty Alicia Keys will host a $18 million (GBP10 million) party for Hollywood chiefs at the Cannes Film Festival in a bid to steal a major movie role from pop rival Christina Aguilera.

The singing pair are reportedly locked in a battle to land a coveted part in 5TH COMMANDMENT - based on the "thou shalt not kill" clause of the Bible's Old Testament - but while Aguilera is confined to a recording studio in America, Keys has jetted out to the South of France to persuade film-makers she's perfect for the role.

And the chart star is so determined to endear herself to the major players, she's invited guests like Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt to her boat bash this weekend (15/16MAY04).

A source tells Britain's The Sun tabloid, "They are the only two names left on the list for this role. Alicia is determined to win the part so she's heading to Cannes to try to impress the big casting agents, directors and producers. She's spending a fortune."

13/05/2004 02:17