Rap superstar 50 CENT has fallen for R+B beauty Alicia Keys and is desperately hounding her for a date.

According to sources, the 27-year-old hip-hopper - single since splitting from actress VIVICA A FOX - is infatuated with FALLIN' singer Alicia and he and his pals have been bombarding her with calls.

But it seems he's destined to be heartbroken - because Alicia doesn't fancy him.

A source close to Keys reveals, "50 cent has been after her for absolutely ages,

"He's been putting in calls to her management under the pretence they are going to record a track together.

"We all know it's a ruse because usually that would be sorted out by the record company or the A+R department if there was a collaboration in the pipeline.

"What's more he's got various members of his crew, G-Unit, to call up on his behalf to get a date.

"It's not like her management doesn't want the association musically.

"She likes 50 Cent as an artist and when there is time in her schedule she would consider working with him.

"But the date is just not going to happen. Alicia isn't romantically interested in him at all - he's just not her type. She's more into the likes of Mos Def or Method Man."

05/05/2004 13:43