Alice In Chains star Sean Kinney stunned fans during a recent radio interview by comparing the leaking of the band's album to prison rape.
The rockers have reformed after taking time off following the death of frontman Layne Staley in 2002, and are set to release Black Gives Way To Blue this week (begs28Sep09) - their first album since 1995.
But drummer Kinney admits the group was devastated after the new tracks were leaked online two weeks prior to the official release date.
He tells Illinois, Chicago DJ Tim Virgin, "You know it's gonna happen 'cause it's part of (how the industry now works), but you just hope it doesn't happen too far in advance.
"It's nothing unique (but) we hadn't been through it, 'cause we hadn't made a record in 14 years, so I think that's the initial shock. It's like, 'What?'
"It's like going to prison - you're know you're gonna get raped, but you're not ready for it. You think you're all prepared for it, but you're not really prepared for how violent that rape is. It's like, 'Wow! He's really giving it to me.'"