Alice Evans has detailed her ''sinister'' encounter with Harvey Weinstein.

Just hours after her now-husband Ioan Gruffudd screen-tested for one of Harvey's movies in Cannes in 2002, she claims that the disgraced movie producer - who stands accused of sexually harassing a number of female employees over a period of almost three decades - propositioned her and invited her to join him in a hotel bathroom.

Alice, 46, wrote in the Daily Telegraph: ''I laugh, make a joke. Keep rambling. But he continues: 'Just go. I'm right behind you. I want to touch your t**s. Kiss you a little.'

''He moves right up close to me and looks me up and down. I can feel his breath. And it's not your average tipsy come-on. It's sinister. The sort of thing that makes you want to run away fast.

''But as I extricate myself (by moving backwards and murmuring various excuses) Harvey utters a phrase that has stayed with me forever. 'Let's hope it all works out for your boyfriend,' he says.''

Alice added that she was left feeling that ''somehow I will be made to pay'' and went on to explain: ''I was never again considered for a Weinstein film, and neither was Ioan.''

Alice's article came soon after Minka Kelly alleged Harvey offered her ''a lavish life filled with trips around the world'' if she agreed to be his girlfriend.

The 65-year-old film producer has been accused by the 'Friday Night Lights' star of asking her to keep his comments quiet when she declined his offer.

She claimed: ''I met Harvey at an industry party. The following day, my agent said he wanted to see me for a general meeting. The location was set for his hotel room. I wasn't comfortable with going to his room and said so. The following day, we sat down with an assistant in the hotel restaurant ... [He went on about] movies he could put me in, then asked the assistant to excuse us.

''As she walked away, he said, 'I know you were feeling what I was feeling when we met the other night' and then regaled me with offers of a lavish life filled with trips around the world on private planes etc. IF I would be his girlfriend. Or, 'We could just keep this professional.' All I knew was not to offend this very powerful man and to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

''I told him while flattered, I'd like to keep things professional. He said, 'Fine. I trust you won't tell anyone about this.' I said, 'Of course not. Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me,' - the only way I could think to shut it down gracefully and excuse myself.''