Alice Dellal will remember her CHANEL campaign "forever".

The model has become the latest star to represent the iconic French fashion house and admits it was a dream come true working with its creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

She said in an interview for Chanel: "He was so nice and so genuine. I wasn't surprised by how genuine and cool he was because you can tell that, but to be able to talk to him and share the same opinions was really nice. The campaign was such a good experience - I'll remember it forever."

Alice fronts the label's new handbag line - following in the footsteps of Lily Allen, Vanessa Paradis and Blake Lively - and she admits she was shocked she got asked.

She said: "It's so weird and so unexpected. I'd never thought I'd so something like this. I don't want to compare myself to the other girls, who have done this, but they're all really different and so am I."