Alice Dellal's dad was her fashion icon.

The 23-year-old model - sister of shoe designer Charlotte Dellal - admits she was a bit of tomboy when she was growing up and would always look to her father for style inspiration.

She said: "When I was little I was such a tomboy - I loved a baggy T-shirt and leggings. Charlotte's always been very stylish - she used to dress me when I was really young. We'd look identical, but we're so different. She'd be reading Agatha Christie and I, well I, wasn't. I was always more attracted to what my Dad was wearing. Charlotte and Mum are much more similar. Charlotte would get Mum's hand-me-downs, then I'd get them after she was done with them. If I'm feeling a bit glamorous though, I love wearing a pair of her shoes."

The Brazilian beauty's hair is currently styled in a punk Undercut and she admits it was another idea she got from her dad.

She told "Charlotte actually suggested I have it done. My brother and my Dad always used to shave their hair and I remember thinking 'Why can't I do the same?' It's kind of ironic that it was my sister's idea, but I would give her total credit for it. The style's becoming more normal though - I see quite a few girls with similar hair now."