Alice Cooper's new Hollywood Walk Of Fame star will be the cleanest on the street - because the rocker's promised to polish it himself.

The flamboyant singer attended the unveiling ceremony yesterday (02DEC03) clad in full stage makeup, delighting the 300 fans who joined him outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

He told them, "I promise every time I walk down this street I will polish that little star."

Cooper, 55, added he and his band used to mooch around the street when they were starting off their careers and were too poor to eat at any of the local cafes.

He said, "We would walk over the names of Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, never, ever thinking that our names would ever be on the Walk of Fame. That is really quite a privilege to be here."

03/12/2003 17:10