Alice Cooper has urged law officials to create a PETER PAN-inspired prison for Michael Jackson, fearing he wouldn't survive in a standard jail if he's found guilty of molesting a child.

The heavy rocker fears for Jackson's safety in prison, and has stumbled on a novel idea for the THRILLER star should he lose his court battle with teen accuser GAVIN ARVIZO - put him in an environment he's used to.

He tells website PAGESIX.COM, "He can't possibly go to any jail that exists right now. My idea was that they build him a fantasy jail like Captain HOOK's ship because he's so into this Peter Pan thing."

And Cooper has berated Jackson for wearing so much make-up in court.

He adds, "He goes into court with red lipstick on, and I'm going, 'You're fighting for your life here, son, come on.'"

Jackson has pleaded not guilty to 10 felony charges of child molestation, administering an intoxicating agent and conspiracy involving allegations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

The trial continues.

16/05/2005 17:07