Rock legend Alice Cooper has vowed never to stop releasing new albums, insisting he wants his musical output to one day rival that of Bob Dylan.

The Poison hitmaker, real name VINCENT DAMON FURNIER, loves performing and believes the stage is so much his natural home, he can't imagine life without it.

He says, "Bob Dylan's done 55 albums and earned so much money but, when he was asked a similar question he said, 'It's what I do. If I didn't do this what would I be doing?' I feel the same.

"I took a year off and spent the whole time walking in circles. I feel more comfortable onstage than I do offstage, so it's weird for me not to be performing for at least two or three months of the year.

"It's been my life for 40 years, so it would be odd for me not to do it."