Shock rocker Alice Cooper has urged Americans to ease up on their criticism of President Barack Obama ahead of the country's upcoming midterm elections on Tuesday (02Nov10).
The Democrat's popularity has been dealt a heavy blow following a string of recent negative opinion polls, but Cooper is adamant Obama needs "another two years" in office to prove himself and fix America's ailing economy.
He tells Britain's The Andrew Marr show, "Everybody expects the president to have all the answers to everything, to the economy, to everything... you can't get one guy in there that knows everything. Everybody wants a quick fix on everything, especially the Americans. We like everything now and five minutes ago.
"He's two years into the election and I think you gotta give him another two years, to at least give him his four years to get things fixed. People vote for their wallet and they're not seeing any results so now of course they're threatening him on this level, the disapproval."