Alice Cooper, who headlined the second stage of Download Festival last night, has told the Daily Star that he wants a rock version of The X Factor. Writing his own column in the paper, Alice Cooper derided modern rock bands for having no attitude and had a pop at Vampire Weekend, claiming: ".rock has become too vanilla. Take Vampire Weekend: here's a great name for an act. If I was them I'd keep the squeaky clean music but have blood splashed over my shirt." He went on to expand on his own ideas for an edgier version of X-FACTOR, and said: "Forget The X Factor. I'd like to see a TV show that discovers real song writing rock genius. I'd call it Lunatic Fringe." He also praised modern pop stars for providing the charisma and showman ship he feels is lacking in rock music, singling out Shakira, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry.
The legendary 63 year old singer, known for hits such as 'Schools Out for the Summer' and 'Poison', has been creating waves during his short visit to the UK. He was recently interviewed by Heat, and when asked about Cheryl Cole being sacked from the X-FACTOR, he replied: "Who the f**k is Cheryl Cole? No-one in America knows who she is. Or cares!" Cooper returns to the UK in October for his 'Halloween Night of Fear' tour. Tickets go on sale next week.