Alice Cooper has a life of his own, according to the man behind the rock wildman, VINCENT FURNIER.

Cooper's real name is Furnier, and is very different to the black-clad goth hero he plays onstage - so he can continue to lead a normal life.

He explains, "He's much more theatrical than I am. I'm just the opposite, but that's what makes it fun to play him.

"I learned long ago that I had to separate the character of Alice Cooper from me. When I was starting out I saw that there were a lot of rock stars who didn't do that - and it killed them.

"Jim Morrison, KEITH MOON - these guys felt they had to be on at all times and ultimately it was the end of them. I just decided that I didn't want to be dead at 27. I had to separate so that I could live my life and Alice could live his. That's the reason I'm still here."

22/09/2003 13:34