Alice Cooper and comedy icon Peter Sellers were unlikely "soul brothers", according to the SCHOOL'S OUT rocker. The rock star admits Sellers often met up with him backstage after concerts and even created a pet nickname for the performer when the funnyman would call for late-night chats. Cooper tells British newspaper Daily Express, "Peter Sellers saw the absurdity in Alice Cooper and I was a big fan of his, so when he came to one of my shows it was a very big deal. It was like being in the presence of royalty. "When I met Peter, it was as if we had been friends all our lives. He was my soul brother. We hit it off immediately. "I loved the Inspector Clouseau character. He nicknamed me Maurice Escargot and my wife, Sheryl, was Nicole Escargot. "Peter would often phone me up in the character of Clouseau. He'd say, 'Allo? Is zis Escargot? Clouseau here. I'll pick you up at 7.14.'"