Alice Cooper quit booze after seeing his friends die young.

The 'School's Out' rocker was friends with the likes of Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix - who both tragically passed away at the age 27 - and he was determined to take ''control'' to make sure he didn't die young.

Alice, 71, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It seems a miracle I'm alive. I've been sober now for 37 years.

''I kind of felt it was my responsibility since I watched all my big brothers died at 27. I mean, Jimi Hendrix and I were good friends and Jim Morrison and I, and I watched them both died at 27.

''I was on my way to join them until I got a hold of myself and said, 'I've got to control this.' ''

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Vampires frontman - who named his band after the drinking club he founded in Los Angeles in the 1970s alongside the likes of John Lennon - has admitted the Beatles legend wouldn't hear a bad word against his former bandmate Sir Paul McCartney.

He said: ''No matter what was going on between him and Paul, he'd take a swing at you if he'd had enough drinks. You couldn't say anything bad about his buddy Paul.

''And, if you said something bad about John to Paul, he would get up and leave. Paul wouldn't take a swing at you, but he'd certainly let you know that you were out of line.''

Last month, the Hollywood Vampires - which also feature Johnny Depp and Aerosmith's Joe Perry - released 'The Boogieman Surprise' from their upcoming album 'Rise'.

Their second record is largely comprised of brand new material, but also features a tribute to Jim Carroll Band's 'People Who Died' and Perry has put his own spin on Johnny Thunder's 'You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory'.