Asked for anecdotes about the late music icon in a new Billboard interview, the School's Out singer confessed he didn't really have a relationship with Prince, but they both loved Michael Jackson's former guitar girl.

"He kept trying to steal Orianthi out of my band," Cooper said. "Every time I talked to Orianthi, she'd be on the phone and say, 'It's Prince again'.

"I said, 'Could you tell him that you're with me for about the next year...' I know that he liked to have pretty girls in his band. Other than that, I don't think I ever talked to the guy."

Orianthi, who is dating former Bon Jovi star Richie Sambora, finally left Alice's band in 2014.

It's not clear if Prince, who died last Thursday (21Apr16), ever got his wish to work with her.