Alice Cooper has called for modern rock acts to toughen up, insisting pop stars Lady GaGa and Katy Perry's wild antics are more "fun" to watch than current guitar bands.
The School's Out legend is famed for his wild on-stage persona, performing executions during performances and rocking out with his boa constrictor around his neck.
And Cooper admits he can't understand why modern bands are so "vanilla" - urging them to follow in the footsteps of their pop peers and add theatricality to their shows.
He tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "I've built a career entertaining people with rock 'n' roll and horror. Rock music gives you a licence to release the inner child... or maniac.
"But I wish there were more snotty-nosed garage bands out there to rock me off my throne. I look through magazines today and think: 'Why would you want to be in a band wearing a Gap shirt?' What kind of attitude is that?
"I joined a band so you could wear leather, Levis, torn-up T-shirts and have attitude. Bands don't have attitude any more. They're all beige and have no showmanship.
"My generation was the opposite. Striving for normality was never an option. It's infinitely more fun watching somebody like Lady Gaga. The same with Katy Perry. She's got a great pop sense. Then you have Shakira, who is this bohemian animal.
"But rock has become too vanilla. Take Vampire Weekend: here's a great name for an act. If I was them I'd keep the squeaky clean music but have blood splashed over my shirt."