LOVE STORY star Ali MacGraw has signed up with animal activists at People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) in a bid to urge Floridians to take care of their pets as Hurricane Wilma heads for the state.

Residents, fearing another Hurricane Katrina this weekend (21-23OCT05), have started evacuating coastal areas set to be caught in the eye of the storm and MacGraw is pleading with them not to leave their animals behind in a new public service announcement.

PETA spokesman MICHAEL McGRAW says, "MacGraw makes a heartfelt plea for residents to include their animal family members in their evacuation plans in order to avoid the mass suffering and deaths of cats, dogs, birds, and other animals that occurred when Gulf Coast residents were forced to leave their animals behind as they fled in advance of Katrina in August (05)."

As part of the PSA, the actress says, "Our animal companions rely on us, especially during a natural disaster. Let's remember the harsh lessons we've learned from recent hurricanes.

"If you're forced to evacuate your home, don't leave your animals behind. Animals left to fend for themselves often drown or starve to death."

Copies of the animal-loving actress' PSA have been rushed to every TV station in Florida.