Ali Larter loves being pregnant because she can eat what she wants.

The 34-year-old actress - who announced last week she and her husband Hayes MacArthur are expecting their first child together - is enjoying having the culinary "freedom" of not sticking to a strict diet and is giving in to all her cravings.

She said: "I eat everything. I bake myself strawberry shortcakes and then I wake up at three in the morning and I eat them.

"I love it because so much of the time, I have to be careful.

"I work out. I play certain roles where it's important for me to look a certain way. But now it's just freedom. It's like, 'Bring on the Sprinkles cupcakes, pizza, pasta.' I'm loving it!"

The 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' actress has also vowed not to ditch her favourite high-heeled shoes in favour of something more practical in the lead up to the birth.

She told "I love my high heels. I'll kick a*s in four inches, pregnant any day of the week!"

The former 'Heroes' star also revealed she deliberately went on holiday at the beginning of her pregnancy because she wanted to initially keep the news private.

She explained: "It was a very private time for me and my husband and something that I just wasn't ready to share, so we actually left the country for a while.

"This was something that I wasn't ready to share yet. So we came back from Europe, and I said to my husband, 'I just want to go to lunch with my girlfriends. I just want to live my life.' I was four months pregnant and it was just time to start living my life."