The current stars of Ub40 have officially launched legal action against former frontman Ali Campbell over the reggae group's name.

The band threatened to sue earlier this year (14) after the singer announced plans to re-team with fellow former Ub40 stars Mickey Virtue and Astro for a number of 2014 concert dates.

They have now followed through with their promise by serving the trio with writs ahead of a court showdown. A hearing date has been set for November (14) and members of the current line-up, including Campbell's brothers Robin and Duncan, have vowed to give evidence against the star in the fight for the band name.

Robin Campbell tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "Ali is selling tickets as Ub40 when he isn't. He's taken our name because he can't sell tickets on his own. They are perfectly entitled to play any Ub40 tracks they like. What they are not entitled to do is to pretend they are Ub40. Fans are being hoodwinked... Earlier this year Ali appeared on Australian Tv, claiming to have re-formed and reunited Ub40. It's not true. The band never split up and never parted. We just carried on doing what we had always been doing after he left. We will give evidence against Ali if necessary. I don't feel anything for my brother any more after the vitriol he has heaped on me over the last six years."

Ali Campbell quit the band in 2008 along with Virtue, while Astro exited last year (13).