Ali Campbell believes reggae is the biggest influence on contemporary dance music.

The UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, Astro and Mickey singer insists a lot of big-name mainstream artists ''flirt'' with the genre and it's more than just a ''moment''.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''There's lots of reggae-fied music, there's loads of reggae influenced tunes. You think if what Pharrell Williams has done and then you've got Katy Perry's tune with Skip Marley, you've got Ariana Grande, you be also got Beyonce who are all flirting with reggae...

''Reggae is the biggest influence right now on contemporary dance music. I go all around the world and listen to music everywhere I go and it's all influenced by reggae beats.

''We're not having a Shaggy, or Sean Paul or UB40 moment, but what's happening with reggae is bigger than that, because all of the contemporary dance music is informed by reggae and by dub.''

But despite the influence of reggae, the 59-year-old singer doesn't feel the genre gets the airplay it deserves, which he blames on ''institutionalised racism''.

He explained: ''I do still think there's a lot of institutionalised racism going on means reggae doesn't get it's fair amount of airplay, when you think how many people love reggae you just don't hear it on the radio much, but there is reggae-fied stuff that can make the main pop chart.''

Meanwhile, UB40's latest album, 'A Real Labour of Love', is out now.